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Marx Capital is a subsidiary of Marx Investments Limited (check) and is designed to provide high-quality online service for our current and future customers.

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The mission of our company is to provide the highest level of service for our customers!


Marx Capital is a long-term investment program based on many years of experience in qualified investments in various instruments in markets such as:

  • Preferred and Ordinary Shares
  • Bills and promissory notes
  • Futures and options
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Venture investment
  • Construction investment
  • Investments in real estate (purchase and sale, rental, etc.)
  • Investing in Intellectual Property (Copyright, etc.)

As part of our program, you will come across the following terms and definitions:

  • An investment account or account balance is the funds that you actually have, they can be withdrawn at any time and in any amount, taking into account the current rules for withdrawal for the corresponding amount
  • The investment period is the time for which the investment is made, in fact, it is not limited by anything, but for better understanding, our program operates on annual periods
  • Payment system or Currency - a tool with which you participate in our program, replenishing the balance or withdrawing available funds
  • Payment regulations - the conditions for making a request and receiving a payment may vary depending on the time of participation in our program and the amount to be withdrawn
  • Affiliate program - an additional type of earnings for Marx Capital participants, allowing them to receive a part of the partners attracted investments
  • Commission for withdrawal of funds - depending on the time of participation and the amount requested for withdrawal, the terms of the commission for withdrawal of funds can be flexibly changed. The commission can be reduced over time, in accordance with current conditions - up to 0%

Our professional managers are constantly engaged in the selection of new market instruments that bring consistently high income with an acceptable level of risk. However, joining our investment program, you should be aware that the profit received earlier cannot be a guarantee of obtaining similar profit in the future, and the investment risks in our program are shared among all participants in proportion to the amount of invested funds.

You get real passive income with our program!
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